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Obstreperous, overly opinionated and obsessive-compulsive are three traits that are less than the sum of their sub-par quality parts, but at least when combined with over 20 years spent poring over and working with food and drink I managed to get a blog out of them. Just in time, world, I know. Bouncing around from Eugene, Oregon to Southern California to New Orleans to Atlanta, Georgia, and having seen plenty of the rest of the world, I’m writing this all down so I don’t forget. Don’t let the wines I talk about here fool you; if I didn’t work in the industry there’s no way I’d be able to afford to drink like this. So, uh, can I come over for a drink?

Submissions of beverages, food and publications are cheerfully accepted, but are by no means guaranteed to be reviewed. In the event that they are, though, the reviews are unconditionally guaranteed to be honest. So you’ve got that going for you.


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