You should read this, and not just because I’m name checked in it. This is no industry wannabe, this is someone writing from a point of view we don’t often enough anymore: The genuinely knowledgeable enthusiast.

Drink Portland

A friend mentioned a while ago that I reference Jeffrey Morgenthaler maybe too much on this blog. It was in a teasing sort of manner, but he had a point: Jeff does show up more often than any other individual. But, besides Ryan Stotz, who I met Jeff through, he has had the most influence on me as a drink enthusiast: He was the first “craft” bartender I’d ever met, when I moved down to Eugene in 2007. Before that, I had just seen alcohol as a way to get drunk. A gin and tonic was the most exotic thing I imbibed. The first cocktail books I got were based on Jeff’s recommendation. I learned how to make Old-Fashioneds and Manhattans through him. The Richmond Gimlet made hundreds of appearances through my time at UofO, always impressing at parties. Later, I even briefly followed in his foot-steps, working at the…

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